Most Common Roofing for Sheds

Find master contractors - Ask And Expert - Repair DIY Wikipedia - Free contractor estimates - composition roof, corrugated roofing, asphalt roof, roofing systems. Good quality shakes and shingles can last 30 to 40 years. Shakes and wood shingles provide a very beautiful aesthetic roofing for sheds. The difference between the two also gives you another option; with shingles being thin and manufactured smooth slats of wood and shakes being hand split from logs giving it a tapered, textured, and more natural appearance. The price of your shed?s roof does go up with this option, but there are also many more options for you to choose from. Being made of wood, they will need to be treated to withstand exposure from the elements. Both shingles and shakes come in a variety of wood types and colors as well as multiple shape patterns ..More

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The Lifespan of a Roof

Search and locate residential contractors - Let's Talk - Forum Pages - Residential & commercial services - commercial flat roofing, foam roof repair, roof gutter repair, roof problems. Hip roofs have four sloping sides and are also quite common roofing options. The lack of flat parts on the roof also means that water and snow won?t gather and stand on them. The sides come together at the peak to create a long ridge along the top. This structure makes them very durable because they can?t be impacted as easily by heavy wind the way gable roofs can ..More

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Satellite Dishes and Your Roof

Search and locate certified contractors - Technicians Talk Forums - Get free quotes - residential steel roofing, galvanized metal roofing, low slope roofing, roof architecture. When a leak forms in a roof the leak must be repaired quickly to prevent further damage to the roofing system. a In many cases, depending on the roofing materials used, an entire roof replacement may be needed ..More

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Drip Edge Flashing Do You Know Your Requirements?

Best Local master contractors - Service Expert Blogs - But when there is no drip edge, or it is not installed properly ? such as leaving a gap between the drip edge and the gutter, or fastening it too tightly against the roof fascia board water can be sent behind the gutter, or if there is no gutter, against the fascia board and walls of your home. The result? Water damage in the best case scenario, and water damage plus mold and mildew in the worst case scenario. When it is installed properly, a drip edge keeps water from collecting where it shouldn?t ? which is anywhere near your home. Get free estimates - flat roof installation, metal roof leaking, new roof installation, roofing a house ..More

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Free Roof Scams | Homeowner Insurance Fraud | No deductible

Locate Nearby industrial contractors - Contractor Blog Pages - Let's try again, when you go to Walgreens and have a prescription filled you have to pay your co-pay or deductible. Good, now that we have this fact established you now know that you must pay your roof deductible. The total amount of the first disbursement is the actual cash value portion of the claim. For the time being we are assuming that you?re only dealing with one roofer. The insurance company releases funds in two payments. The first payment is a depreciated amount and within the first payment is the deductible. At this point the insurance company releases the recoverable depreciation. The question is where did the deductible come from? Let's revisit the doctor scenario and you?ll find that when you see the physician you pay the deductible or co-pay to the physician. Here?s how the fraud works. I don't think I need to tell anyone who they need to give the deductible to, but just in case, that money must be paid to the contractor. After all work is completed the roofer or homeowner sends and invoice to the insurance company stating that all of the work is completed and that the deductible has been paid. Get free estimates - composition roof, corrugated roofing, asphalt roof, roofing systems. If there are more is more than one trade involved that becomes another story that we have addressed elsewhere ..More

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